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Бюджетное учреждение социального обслуживания Ивановской области "Приволжский центр социального обслуживания"

About us

Energy-saving policy of the state - the legal, organizational, and financial and economic regulation in the field of energy conservation. It is clear that the existing wording in the word "state" implies a subject of the Federation. Therefore, to satisfy the triple problem in the Kirov Region Government Order of 06.05.2002 № 161 was created and operates the Kirov State Unitary Enterprise "Agency for energy efficiency." KOGUP "Agency of energy" is one of the founders of the Interregional Association of Energy Efficiency Centre and a member of the Vyatka Chamber of Commerce.

KOGUP "energy agency" is in the register of self-regulatory organizations in the energy survey of SRO NP "Association of Independent energy auditing and energoekspertnyh organizations" and in construction - SRO NP "Stroygarant."

The company consists of:

Department of energy audits and technical expertise,
  • department of information and legal support, the editors of the magazine "The economy of the Kirov region and the fuel and energy complex" ("ECO-TEK")
  • of investment and financial expertise,
  • Department of Logistics,
  • Industrial Engineering Department (PHE)
  • site chemical cleaning of heating systems.
KOGUP "Agency Energy Conservation" is the only state organization of the Kirov region, which have the opportunity to seek advice from a qualified body of the municipal authorities in the region, municipal workers and budget organizations on issues of energy consumption and energy savings.